Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Future Projects

There's too much happening all at once. Just when I thought I had an off-season of time to update my projection formula, the Sacramento Kings have decided to leave my home town for Anaheim. This news upsets me like no other and when they do move I'll make a video about it the same way Sonicsgate made theirs. So here's what I have on my agenda...............

NBA videos
- The Kings Last Game (An hour long documentary for youtube)
- Donaghy vs Stern (The final documentary in the Making of the Greatest Tragedy in Sports trilogy)

NFL videos
-512 All-time Team Tournament
-Ranking the NFL (A documentary about how I decoded NFL's betting lines)

-I will rank all the NFL teams statistically from 1966-2010 and will simulate my projected scores against the point spread from 2003-2010.