Friday, January 28, 2011

1972 Dolphins Ranking Formula

Lately I've been doing alot of football research and decided to change the formula for my ranking system. In the past everything was based on the 1972 Dolphins regular season stats. Now I've included two new categories: playoffs and strength of schedule. Everything needs to be adjusted so that the 72 Dolphins will have a rating of 100.00%. Well it turns out that the 72 Dolphins based on stats alone, were not that great. So, I then changed the ratios of how I weigh the stats, placing more emphasis on wins opposed to yards.

Old formula: Winning Percentage (1/3), Margin per victory (1/3), Yardage Margin (1/3)

old youtube video explaining it here --->

New Formula: Winning Percentage (4/7), Margin per victory (2/7), Yardage Margin (1/7)

The whole point of ranking NFL teams originally was to reward lesser known teams that had great stats with no championships. Now, I've stressed more importance on WINS and points and saved my yardage stats more for handicapping games (61% in 2010).

Please visit my site soon to see the changes.